Letters to My Kids

The One with Our Girl, Maisy

My mom won’t believe it, but it’s true. 
We are now the parents to two cats! 
I was never a cat person.
In fact, I largely disliked the feline variety of pets. 
But ever since Butterscotch/Reginald came into my life, my heart has grown for the lovely creature. 
Reg has been in our home for nearly a year now, and there’s hair in every corner of every room to prove it. 
He’s lovable and lazy, demanding and cuddly. 
I heart his old man self. 
A couple months ago, my friend Debbie asked us if we wanted another cat. She and Brian had rescued it from along the side of the highway and it needed a home. I wasn’t ready for the commitment at the time, but it got me thinking. Kevin jumped on the idea. I, of course, needed an obscene amount of time to process the situation. When I finally came to the conclusion that I would like to have another kitty around the house, I was fully aware of the fact that this would probably never happen After all, cats cost money, and money is a precious commodity in these parts. 
I guess it was meant to be, though. Two weeks ago we went to a wedding. At this wedding, I was chatting with a former classmate and he introduced me to this lovely fiancée. Erin and I hit it off, and later that evening I connected with her on Facebook. As I was stalking her profile I found a picture of her cat with Erin’s plea. Maisy, the cat, needed a home. 
I mentioned this to Kevin and he, of course, jumped on board immediately. I was a bit slower on the uptake, but just one week later, Maisy was dropped off at our humble abode for good.
I was completely nervous about the prospect of having two cats–
would Maisy like me?
would she cause problems our old man, Reg, never could have?
would she and Mister Crotchety Old Man Cat get along? 
Eeek, my world stomach was turning. 
Maisy quickly found Reginald in his usual hiding place. The two took sides in the boxing ring that is the underside of our bed. There was hissing and pawing and growling and groaning–all sorts of weird sounds I had never heard before. I was just praying Reg would try to eat her. They chased each other and neither was very happy. Poor Reg had to share his house AND his food AND his toilet AND his mom and dad. And little Maisy was dropped off in a foreign land and was now having to hold her own against the present ruler.
Thankfully, they are both fixed, both semi-old (she’s 8, he’s 13), both declawed. These facts make my life easier.When Kevin left for work Monday morning I was really worried about the carnage I would be home alone to deal with. Would there be a blood bath? Kevin told me not to worry–they would be fine. 
And sure enough, they were. Maisy took over the living room and spent much of the time perched on the back of the couch behind my head. She’s about 400 times more agile then Reginald. Reg, on the other hand, resigned himself to our bedroom or, if he heard me in the kitchen, he’d come out for some attention. It was sad having to divide my time. and I hope they can learn to cohabitate. 
Today showed progress. They actually sat in the same room–staring at each other–but without hissing–for at least half an hour. When hissing ensued, I mediated–“NO. Be NICE!” And Reg would back down and walk away–most likely hoping she’d be gone upon his return. 
(watching each other from around the corner)
But no, Maisy is here to stay. She’s already made her way into Kevin’s heart. He’s a bit smitten, I believe. But that’s ok. I have Reg. He’s my little old man. Don’t worry, Reg, no one will replace you. :)


7 thoughts on “The One with Our Girl, Maisy

  1. Awww… so cute, Melanie! :) In answer to your question on my blog: I don't know exactly how to host pictures on Flickr yet. I just made an account on there yesterday, so I'm hoping to look into doing that soon! It can't be too difficult though, right? ;)Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!! :)~ Love,Lindsay

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