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The One with Too Many Gmail Accounts

Having multiple email accounts works for me.

It’s a necessary thing, but it can be cumbersome to sign in and out of each different email account if you want to send an email from a specific address. 
(Assuming you have all of your emails forwarded to one inbox like I do.)
To solve this dilemma, I have to thank Debbie for giving me this tip–it’s saved me so much headache!

How to send emails from a different email address without signing out of your account:
Sign into your primary Gmail account. 
Go to “Settings” (on the top right).
Then click on  the “Accounts and Imports” tab at the top.
Find the line that says, “Send Mail As.”
Here, you should see your email address. 
Underneath that, in the same section, you should see a button that says, “Send Mail From Another Address.”
Click on that and follow the step by step instructions. 
You can add multiple email address.
I have four. 
One general/personal/profession account. 
One for blogging. 
One for youth group.
One for Kevin and myself. 
Now! The Fun Part!
Go back to your inbox and click on “compose message.”
Where it says “From,” your email address should be listed in a drop down menu. 
If you click on the drop down arrow, you will be able to select the account from which to send this new email.
One more fun thing!
If you like to have an automatic signature, you can personalize each different email account signature. 
Click on “settings” again.
It should automatically open up to the “General” tab.
Scroll down to the “signature” section. 
Because you’ve added multiple email address, you should see that drop down menu again where it lists your main email account. 
Click on each separate account and create a personalized signature for each specialized email address. 
For instance, in my personal account I include my name, my job title, and my blog link. 
On my youth group signature, I include my name, job title, and my YOUTH GROUP’s blog link.
When I’m sending mail to and from other bloggers, I use my adorkable.melanie@gmail.com account and sign it like this:


Seriously! How cool is Google?!
It works for me! 
Check out We Are THAT Family for more great tips!

3 thoughts on “The One with Too Many Gmail Accounts

  1. Also, make sure you check the following box right below the accounts setup:When receiving a message: -Reply from the same address the message was sent to.This will make sure that your main address isn't used to reply to messages that were sent to another account.Sadly, if you use a smartphone to get your mail, it may not keep the accounts separated, so you'll need to do some testing to make sure you're sending from the right one.I know on my blackberry, I have gmail fetch the mail, but I still log into my college account to send messages directly (that or wait until I can sit at the computer to type a response).

  2. Dear Mel, You've posted a lot since I last checked your blog so I'm posting on this one for all of them…. And I picked this one, because it's a lot of work to log into all the different posts and go back to the original to get to the next one.. sooo wow! Life is exciting for you!!

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