The One with the Leaves on the Ground

I have a small soap box I need to get on right now. 
I would like to publicly proclaim that I think raking leaves is ridiculous. 
I said it. 
Never in my life have I enjoyed raking leaves–I’m sure most of you don’t. But I also never understand why we rake leaves. Are we really just that vain about our yards? Personally, I think it’s weird to see a perfectly groomed, leafless lawn in the middle of fall. The colors on the ground are glorious. And besides that, why rake more than once a season. If you really want to rake up those leaves at least wait until ALL the leaves have fallen. OR, if you’re lucky, wait until the wind blows them into someone else’s yard. 
But have you ever stopped to think–maybe God created the seasons this way. Maybe we’re not supposed to rake the leaves. After all, there is a reason for every shift in the environment. The leaves fall to the ground, they degrade into the soil thus enriching it and bringing new life to the grass and the tree from which they fell. 
So no, we’re not going to rake up our leaves. And I’m going to try to ignore the comments and raised eyebrows of those who look at us like we’re some sort of outcast. All because we’re leaving God’s circle of seasons to do its thing. 
/steps off of soapbox./

7 thoughts on “The One with the Leaves on the Ground

  1. LOL! I am SOO with you! I NEVER raked ONE SINGLE leaf when we lived out in our farm house. not one. but, now that we are in a neighborhood and the leaves don't blow around as much and they kind of sit there, well, it kills the grass underneath. SO, we rake our leaves. to save our grass. not fun at all. per my last post. lol

  2. i HATE raking leaves :o) the only way my mom could ever get me to do it was once she brought up the point that NOT raking the leaves can cause snow mold in the winter. but seriously, raking leaves has to be one of the worst jobs ever.

  3. Hahahahaha We try not to rake leaves we just wait until they all blow over into the school yard….is that terrible or what! I won't judge if you don't! LOL hahahahahahaa

  4. Ack! And here I was about to make a blog post about how great it was for our Rake & Run event with the youth group this morning… how industrious and helpful they were.Hm. Guess we're just biosphere vandals :(

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