Letters to My Kids

I need to remember this blog title…

 …because often enough I try to just let Jesus come to me.

I sit in church on Sunday mornings, I play bass guitar, I baptise (which was awesome…Christopher Brian is now a baptized member of our church family!), and I listen to one of our teens preach the Sunday morning sermon…I spend a relaxing afternoon hanging out with my brother, and then I lead almost 20 teens in a study of Chan’s book ‘Crazy Love’ before shipping them all back home to start their weeks.

Sounds like a great day…until I realize that I’ve forgotten to spend time alone with God.

In the middle of doing so much work for the church, I forgot to invite God to spend the day with me. It happens far more than I would like to admit. I get too busy, I get too tired, I get too…something. And I let my first love slide.

So this is my friendly reminder to you all. Don’t let the opportunity to spend time reading God’s word slip by. It’s too good to let go. It’s too important to put off. It’s too vital to not drink in every chance you get.

So go find your bible and read for a bit.


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