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The One with my Birthday Days

On this brisk fall/winter morning, I wanted to remember–to be thankful for the wonderful 25th birthday celebration I had. Here’s the run-down:

The Friday before my birthday, my husband’s family took us out to dinner, enjoyed dessert at our home, and showered me with gifts. I’m really looking forward to using my cake decorating tips!

The Sunday before my birthday, one of my teens–Ashley–planned a surprise party for me. She made me a card and had everyone sign it. She had her mom bake me a cake and deliver it at the end of youth group for the whole group to celebrate with me.

The Wednesday before my birthday, another one of my girls–Michaela–had her grandma buy me a personalized cake and surprised me with at Bible Quiz practice. It was so sweet.

The day OF my birthday I woke up in Nashville, TN for the National Youth Workers’ Convention. My phone started vibrating at 6:30am (though it was 5:30 with the Nashville time change) with messages from all of my youth group teens. It was a great way to wake up. I found tons of sweet notes on my Facebook wall from friends and family near and far. After I got ready for the day, my romantic husband gave me the most hysterical photoshopped card. He included a wonderful heartfelt note besides, but seriously, check out this picture:

Did you laugh? I hope so. I know I did. 
The rest of the day was spent at the convention where my husband told nearly everyone it was birthday and managed to snag me a bunch of awesome free tshirts and books. :) 
The Wednesday AFTER my birthday, we arrived at my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. Dad took us out to a great pizza joint–all five of us. It was momentous to have my sister there. I was so happy and SO proud of her. The pizza was awesome and we headed back to the streamer and balloon clad home to have a mini party with Grams and Chuck. I was showered with lovely gifts–jewelry, leggings, sweet decorative shelves and more–and then we munched on the cake Ash made for me. 
I can’t remember having quite so many celebrations with so many people who love me. It was lovely. Thank you, friends and family. I love you all. 

3 thoughts on “The One with my Birthday Days

  1. You had a bunch of birthday celebrations that 1 year, sophomore year, between Kevin and I we through you 3 or 4 surprise parties… remember… but this year's still beat that because you had soo much family stuff and Tennessee stuff! Pretty sweet!!

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