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The One with the Top Ten Lessons I’ve Learned

The year two thousand ten has been one filled with beauty and excitement, stress and frustration. In honor of the upcoming new year, I thought I would share with you the top ten lessons I’ve learned in 2010. I have decided to name this list The Top Ten Lessons I’ve Learned in 2010
  1. I am fully capable of running farther than 3 miles at a time. I increased my speed and my distance this summer, and I’ve fallen a bit more in love with running now that I’m not afraid of distance.
  2. Having two cats is totally better than one. Even though there’s been bickering and throw up on my carpet, we are loving our two kitties and think they’re getting along quite well. 
  3. Focusing my ministry around teenage girls is where God wants me right now. 
  4. Substitute teaching is really not for me. I’m so glad my husband gave encouraged me by saying he’d much rather have me happy and at peace, than have a little extra money in the bank and a stressed wife.
  5. Obediently walking in God’s plan for life saves so much hardship and pain. It saves a lot of time and frustration if I just do it His way to begin with. 
  6. My husband is going to be a fantastic pastor–in whatever capacity God leads. (That is a sentence I never thought I’d hear myself saying.)
  7. No matter people think of me (or what I think they think of me), it’s ok to live a different sort of lifestyle–one that may not include much money or a professional job for me, but a life defined by obedience to Christ in my marriage, our next steps, in opening our home, in giving. 
  8. As a woman, I have an incredible responsibility to understand, appreciate, and partner with my husband as we journey through life together. There are so many possibilities for miscommunication and strife and dissension if we are not purposeful about understanding one another. 
  9. “Our” teenagers love us almost as much as we love them. :) 
  10. I have proven to myself that this blogging this is not a passing phase, but a wonderful part of my life. And in celebration, I created a domain name: 
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