The One with a Sermon-a-Day

I have a few idiosyncrasies. You know–those little quirks which reassure everyone that I really am a dork. One example of this is my iPod selection while running. A few months back, I subscribed to various podcasts after listening to a handful of messages and sermons that I appreciated. I wasn’t sure I would ever get around to listening to all of them, let alone becoming a “regular.” Who has time to sit around and listen to sermons for hours on end? And who in the world wants to listen to more than one sermon a week? I mean, most people can barely sit through their pastor’s 30 minute sermon, right? 
Not me. On the day I decided to run 6 miles, I figured having my mind distracted from the breathing and pain issues would be a good thing. I didn’t think sermons would be the motivating factor–considering the general running public prefers fast pace music selections to keep them going. Turns out I was wrong. Ever since then, I have come to look forward to my morning runs if for no other reason than the sermons. If you were to pass me running on any given day, you might see tears running down my face or overhear an “Amen” or a good laugh. It would be quite entertaining (and a bit perplexing) I’m sure. 
But that’s me. I’m motivated and captivated by hearing men of God preach in-depth messages–some lasting 45 or 60 minutes. Call me crazy, but I love it. 
The current sermon podcasts I subscribe to are Rob Bell from Mars Hill, Greg Boyd of Woodland Hills Church, Focus on the Family broadcasts*, and Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill Church in Seattle. I really enjoy the Rob Bell and Greg Boyd sermons, and now I’m all out of fresh recordings. After all, there’s one sermon a week and listening every days means you will eventually run out. There haven’t seemed to be new Driscoll sermons, or at least not that have synced to iTunes or that I can find online. 
Here’s where YOU come in: What sermon podcasts do YOU recommend? I need a couple more sermons to subscribe to to keep my brain engaged. I just devour this stuff. So please, give me your suggestions.
*Never thought I’d enjoy Focus broadcasts, and though there’s some I skip over, quite a few are quality stuff in my opinion.

11 thoughts on “The One with a Sermon-a-Day

  1. I don't personally subscribe to any podcast sermons right now, but I do know Gateway Church in Dallas has them. I enjoyed the sermons I've heard from Pastor Robert Morris. The messages are simple enough that they are memorable (I still remember details weeks later) and easy to understand for the newest Christian, yet have deep insights that the deepest theological thinkers can learn something. you check them out, please let me know what you think. I might have to start subscribing to some myself. ;o)

  2. Andy Stanley at North Point Ministries. Try also Buckhead (a second campus, but sometimes they run 2 different podcasts)Andy Stanley's Leadership podcast (about 1x/month)The Catalyst Leadership podcastLouie Giglio / Passion City churchQ podcastPerry NobleSteven Furtick

  3. Check out Pastor Mike athttp://www.kairosnashvillemedia.comHis messages are always captivating to me. I've been known to list to two or three in a single day.

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