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The One with the Friday that Deserves It’s Own List.

(last) Friday’s Factoids. Yes, “factoids.”

1. Leaving the house on Friday afternoon is NOT a good idea. At least not last Friday. The roads and stores were packed–I’m talkin’ Christmas-season-packed. It was ridiculous and I hope to never encounter such pointless chaos again. These people were doing errands like it was going out of style. I even tweeted about it.  
2. I really hate strongly dislike returning pop cans for their deposit. It’s gross. And smelly. And boring. 
3. On the other hand, if it weren’t for recycling all of those pop cans in order to get my $0.10 per can back, I never would have seen the hidden rack of closeout prices. Thank you, Meijer, for crazy good deals. 
4. Making coffee is something I am not good at. But that’s ok, because I’m not picky about my coffee and I only wanted a reason to try my new Peppermint Mocha creamer. It’s delish. And good until December 2012.
5. I’m really excited about the massive amount of fresh vegetables that are filling my refrigerator shelves. (And thank you again, Meijer, for your great 10 for $10 deals that actually included REAL food.) It’s been a long time since I was in the mood for veggies. I know that’s terrible, but it’s true.
6. Diet Coke with Lime rocks our socks. (Diet Pepsi with Lime is a sufficient substitute when you go back to Meijer to buy more Diet Coke with Lime–because all Coke and Pepsi products are $1 for a 2 liter–and almost ALL of the Coke products are sold out. I guess America my smallish town has spoken. Coke rules.) 
7.  My husband and I frequently burp at the same exact time. It’s weird. 
8. I have been reminded, yet again, that doing my Jillian Michaels workouts is totally different than running. Even running 5 miles regularly does not prepare your muscles for the pain of the JM. YOWZAH.
9. (Quality) cooking gadgets at Kohls any store are ridiculously overpriced. Come on, Food Network and Cuisinart and KitchenAid. You guys have awesome products, but I am NOT paying those prices. Even with gift money. Sheesh. 
10. I have learned that sometimes I just can’t stop talking. Seriously. Making a conscious decision to stop the flow of words is like trying to plug the Hoover Dam. Really darn difficult. Impossible. Sorry, Husband
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