The One with the Laughing Stock

Top Ten {Tuesday} 

Top Ten Things I do that Evoke Laughter from Others*

*alternately entitled “Top Ten Things I Do That Are Awesome and Help Make Everyone’s Lives Easier that I Wish People Would Stop Making Fun of Me For because I Really Don’t Appreciate It, but I Know It Will Never Change”
1) Being too organized
2) Having lists and time tables for everything. (Yes, everyone in my wedding party called me crazy for the down-to-the-minute schedule, but in the end I wasn’t a “bridezilla” and everyone knew where they needed to be. So there!)
3) Creating a “Subway Order Form” to save time and chaos and headache on a trip with 28 teenagers. (Believe me, adult leaders, you WILL thank me.) 
4) Always wanting my pens back (I will take full responsibility for being made fun of for this. I am a pen snob.) 
5) Rearranging my house frequently or changing my profile picture frequently, or changing my desktop background frequently. (I guess I value some change in my life–change that I can control, though, evidently.)
6) Using my 4 inch thick unabridged Greek Lexicon as a shelf for a short lamp. I knew that class would come in handy!
7) Washing the inside of my dishwasher. (It’s not my fault the space gets moldy from being wet and sealed off 99% of the time) 
8) Having more file folders than my husband has sheets of paper. 
9) Getting annoyed when no one is listening the directions as I explain the rules of a new game. (But seriously, how else are we supposed to play if you don’t shut up and learn!)
10) Being committed to going to bed at a decent hour (10 or 11pm) in order to get up at a decent hour. (I’ve never been the “cool kid” that could–or even wanted to stay up at all hours past midnight. I value my sleep and if you’ve ever been around me when I haven’t slept enough, you will value my sleep too.)
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5 thoughts on “The One with the Laughing Stock

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I love your list. I'm the same way about pens–my Pilot Precise V7 pens are expensive and I can't afford to give them all away! I'm the same way with pencils. I buy the cheap-o ones to give to students when they forget theirs, but I have a special stash of Ticonderogas (from my mom) in my desk drawer.

  2. Thanks for checking out my site today! It looks like we have a lot in common except for one little thing – organization. You are the girl I always aspire to be!…but my adhd seems to just get in the way…which is why your dishwasher is gleaming and mine is happy if it gets emptied before dinnertime. Love your site – am going to subscribe now – maybe you'll rub off on me.

  3. I love pens, file folders, being organized and I would NEVER take teens to ANY eating place without a written order form so nobody's laughing here!! I'm IMPRESSED! :)

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