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The One with the Dare to Share

For the third year in a row, we took our students to an awesome youth conference run by Dare2Share Ministries. This year, the theme was UnTour
Through worship, step by step training in sharing the Gospel, soul-searching dramas, real-time challenges, hilarious skits and riveting speakers, students (and adults) are given the encouragement, the tools, and the practice they need to become disciple makers. And that is our purpose as Christ followers–make disciples who make disciples (aka “The Great Commission”). If we call ourselves Christians, we are commanded to do ALL we can to keep everyone we know from an eternity in Hell–separated from God. We have the best news in this world. Why keep it to ourselves?
Because we’d make a fool of ourselves in front of our friends?
Because someone would think we’re weird? 
Because we’d do anything to be cool? 

(ps. This goes for us adults too.)
We must learn to embrace being… – God using uncool people to accomplish his misson
un.alone – always in fellowship with the Trinity
un.afraid – taking a stand & defeating giants in their lives
un.leashed – motivated & mobilized to share the unstoppable Gospel message
I’m so proud of our students for their bravery as they called and texted their friends, and I’m asking you to pray for them as they return to their school campus and bring the Light into the darkness.
Throughout the weekend, all twenty-seven (!) of us managed to have TONS of fun. We are so appreciative of the six adults who drove and chaperoned the event–without them we could never have managed. (In case you were wondering, leading a group of 27 is way way way different than the group of 8-10. *whew*)
My husband is an outstanding leader. He was balancing so many plates all weekend (including my emotions at times!), and he did it with such grace and confidence. We were all in good hands. Besides his directing abilities, he is just plain amazing at holding the attention of this large group and is totally ok with making a fool of himself to direct the group in hysterical antics. 
I give you The Roller Coaster Flash Mob.

chink, chink, chink, chink….
I was cracking up as I was taking those pictures and watching the reactions of the crowd (and knowing I would never be brave enough to pull something like that off so well.)
(All that to say, I love you, Kevin. I’m so proud.)
Thanks to everyone who prayed for us this weekend–for our hearts, for the work of the Spirit, and for our travel. We made great memories, and (hopefully) a significant impact eternity. 

2 thoughts on “The One with the Dare to Share

  1. Posts like this make me remember to thank my Youth Minister!! I'll direct Bible School and teach children's choir all day, but Youth camp – no way!! :)I'm thrilled you guys had a fun time!

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