Confessions, Husband

The One with the Window Shopping

I’m a window shopper. I enjoy going into a mall or a department store or even a furniture store and just looking. I can try on outfits, imagine that new couch in my living room, or become emotionally attached to the latest food processor, but when it comes time to check out, I can walk away having not spent a dollar
This is a good thing. It’s wonderful to have self-control, right? And to get to spend time with my favorite companion (or my mom :D) while walking the mall is a bonus. I am totally ok with day dreaming and never opening my wallet.
But this is also a bad thing–for one reason. My husband and I share a bank account. Since I’m the tight pursed-one, I tend to call the shots on how we spend our money. This isn’t always the way it should be. Sometimes I make the decisions because he leaves it up to me or because he asks. Other times, though, my domineering side comes out and wam! bam! I take over. Not. cool. Besides this small rather large weakness of mine, the never-spending-money-always-window-shopping thing keeps my wonderful husband from being able to spoil bless me with a gift now and again. He loves buying me things. And I never let him. 
Why would anyone do that? 

I’m convinced, I’m a little insane at times. 
However, in the moments when my window-shopping is in a mode of positive fun, I love browsing Craigslist or Amazon or CSN stores and dreaming till my heart’s content. One particular item that could only ever be in my dreams is this Eames lounge chair. wowzers. Can you imagine the stress relief of stretching out in that chair? oh. my. 
But, like I said, I can’t spend money. Or at least I can’t spend my money. Which is why I can confess that I’m about to take myself on a little Kohl’s shopping spree with the Christmas gift cards Mom and Dad gave me along with my 30%-off-everything-in-the-store card. There are a few essentials I need–such as white tank tops/undershirts. I have three right now. But none of them are white. Gross, much? 
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