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The One with My Baking

In case you didn’t know this already, I love to bake and cook and create in the kitchen. My love of baking stems back to my toddler days when I would spend hours with Mrs. S, our pastor’s wife. At that time, my mom was struggling with debilitating migraines, and Mrs. S stepped in to take care of me on various afternoons. She let me help her bake up numerous batches of her famous chocolate chip cookies, teaching me how to measure and stir, all the while instilling in me a love for the kitchen.
I fostered my love of baking for the next many years of my life, but it wasn’t until I got married that my inner chef was truly unleashed. I give my darling husband credit for teaching me the art of cooking. I was a recipe-only cook before him, but now I’m creating my own recipes left and right. A little of this, maybe a little of that. The trick is documenting exact amounts of my random use of ingredients. :) 
These past few years, I’ve watched hours of cooking shows, read countless cookbooks, and searched hundreds of amazing recipe blogs. I’ve learned my own techniques from watching the pros and discovered my favorite resources along the way. 
In case you’ve never visited my recipe blog (www.adorkablerecipes.blogspot.com) or it’s been a while, you should really check it out. Between our new Canon Rebel, my growing photography skills, and my increased drive to create in the kitchen, The Adorkable Recipes is quite the happening place. 
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4 thoughts on “The One with My Baking

  1. can you come cook for me? I do not enjoy being in the kitchen. oh, I wish I did! our kitchen is very small right now and that doesn't help but one day maybe I'll learn to enjoy it! your food pics look amazing!

  2. Oh wow. The baked goods look delicious, especially the spice cake. Wish I had some of that right now. Can't wait till your visit and your baked goods. Love u. Mom

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