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The One with the Library Lovers

My husband and I are well aware of the fact we are dorks. And you know what, we totally embrace that. We love reading, learning, sitting in peace and quiet. Sunday afternoon we proved our dork status once again. 
The local library we frequent closed down last Spring for building renovations. We were still able to get our book fix and our free dvd rentals at the nearby pick up/drop off location, but we were missing the experience of browsing books, finding a quiet corner to read, exploring the fairly decent movie collection. 
During the months that the library functioned out of a one-room office, we got to know a couple of the librarians really well. Two of the ladies became really lovely friends of ours. They loved seeing us walk in. They greeted us by name, asked about our lives (and really seemed to care), laughed with us, and would oftentimes be halfway through checking out our holds before we even walked in the front door. It was totally awesome. 
One afternoon visit was particularly impressive. As we rounded the corner of the office door, we heard them mention our last name. They were talking about us not knowing we were walking in the door! Luckily it wasn’t anything negative. :) They were planning on who they wanted to send invitations to for the Grand Re-Opening of the library and we made their list. So sweet!
Sunday afternoon was the big day. We hopped in the car, loaded up my lap with books (2 of mine, 7 of Kevin’s) and headed to our favorite place. Our two wonderful librarian friends were (not even kidding) thrilled to see us! One of them ran over to us from her station saying, “You guys made it! Oh, I’m SO happy!” And she proceeded to give me a hug. It was awesome. 
We spent the next few minutes “oooooh-ing” and “ahhhhhh-ing” over the classiness of the remodel and being impressed with the new system. Kevin checked out 4 more books that were on hold for him, I enjoyed two little cups of those butter-pillow-mint-things and we bid fair well. Don’t worry, friends, we’ll be back again soon!  
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