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The One where it’s Finally Spring

The following is a list of activities I have been thoroughly enjoying since Spring decided to finally grace us with her presence. 
1. Sitting on the front porch for an hour or two in the middle of the afternoon reading a book as the sun warms my skin, bringing color to it’s pasty whiteness. 
2. Hanging clothes on the line for that air-dried-clothes freshness. 
3. Feeling the breeze pass from window to window. 
4. Planning my garage sale. (I’m WAY too excited about this one, I have to admit. It’s gonna rock.)
5. Going for runs at 6:30 or 7am and it’s ALREADY daylight and warm outside. 
6. Watching the cats watch the birds tweeting from the bushes.
7. Eating ice cream and not being cold. 
8. Wearing capris (and discovering that some of them are too big for me. WOOT!)
9. Having a husband willing to take evening strolls with me down our crazy busy road. 
10. Seeing the Magnolia trees in full bloom and being reminded of my childhood home–the same place mom and dad planned to live for 5 years, but ended up staying 19. 
what do YOU love about Spring??

2 thoughts on “The One where it’s Finally Spring

  1. I finally got caught up on my blog reading, Mel. Great spring time activities. Gramma Mary asked me to drive her past out old home, and we saw the infamous magnolia tree in full bloom. Boy it has really grown in the 7 yrs since we moved. Daddy never liked that tree because the beautiful flowers never stayed on the tree very long. They dropped to the ground way too quickly. He wanted to cut it down, but I always pleaded with him not to remove it. LOL. mom

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