Letters to My Kids

The One with the Frisbee Party

Friday afternoon we were able to spend a few hours with some of our best college friends. Brittney planned a surprise birthday party for her husband Nick by gathering all of his friends together for a reunion game of Ultimate Frisbee

The girls did the cooking while the boys headed to the local park. Between Brittney, Cheryl, and me none of us knew anything about grilling, especially starting the grill. Cheryl and Britt did an outstanding job getting things going, however, while I cut up a watermelon and delivered forgotten tennis shoes to the Frisbee game. At one point while cooking, the three of us had been gabbing for close to 10 minutes when suddenly I remembered, “THE BURGERS!” Thankfully, nothing burned! In fact, the boys were quite impressed with our grilling skills. 


Between a mountain of meat, hot baked beans, chips, my oatmeal raisin cookies, watermelon, and a rainbow-bit cake in Britt’s honor (it was her birthday 2 days before Nick’s–she deserved a treat!), we had more than enough food to go around. The boys had a blast playing Ultimate and didn’t even keep score. (I hear there were multiple questions about me playing Frisbee with them. I was always their “token girl” on the team in college. But I just felt a bit out of practice and figured spending time with the girls was a good thing.) We all spent time reminiscing about our college antics, and Brittney and I had a chance to take a woodsy walk around the park.
Thanks for hosting a great party, Britt! 
(I won’t mention the fact that they were all up until 3 in the morning, and I fell asleep on my couch at 9:30pm. I never was a night owl. But hey! I’m still a fun person. :D) 



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