Letters to My Kids

The One with the Sleepy Rambles of the Day

I was a busy little bee today. Slept in all the way to 7am because I needed it. Couldn’t sleep last night. Too hot. Mind overfilled with racing thoughts. Finished a good run even if it was a bit slow. Starting going a million miles an hour, rushing to keep up with the tasks my brain was shuffling at me. Sweep the kitchen floor. Take down CD cover “posters” in the basement. Find all 24 missing cds. Alphabetize cds. Find a perfect box for moving the cds to their new home in NY. Showered (long after the sweat dried. grossness.) 
Ate a quick breakfast of Aldi brand Special K with Red Berries. Packed more boxes of miscellaneous items. Sat down to do my devotions (for the first time in too long. No wonder I’ve been anxious. Sorry, Jesus.) Got distracted by my husband in the other room as he was trying to sort out Youth Group finances. We always get into a heated argument over yg money. (That “always” is not an exaggeration. Unfortunately.) Mostly because I ALWAYS mess it up. I don’t know WHY my brain can’t keep track of money. 
Drove to the farther-away-of-the-three-local-high-schools to finally have lunch with the other half of our teens. They had been dying to have us there since Christmas. Shame on us. But it was a fun time. And we made to the Middle School as well. I love those kids. and I have a hunch they love. (and Kevin too, of course. But this is about me, I guess.)
Stopped at Wendy’s for lunch because we were starving. Walked right back out of Wendy’s because–get this–they didn’t have any $1.00 items, only $1.34 items. Oh, HECK NO, Wendy’s. Off to Arby’s we went. I got an awesome curly fry that took up most of my curly fry box. 
Pulled into McDonald’s after eating because I wanted a 50 cent cone. My mom told me she saw an ad for 50 cent cones. We pulled into line and pulled right back out. I decided against the idea. I still don’t know if they have 50 cent cones. 
Three fast food restaurants in 30 minutes has to be a record.
Came home and accomplished more packing–the shelves in the closet full of binders and loose paper and other school supplies, the two big book cases in the spare bedroom. 
Had a delicious dinner of the only meal we seem to be eating lately, delightfully referred to as “Mexican Fiesta!” I whip up a batch of fresh salsa and fresh guacamole. And we dig in. That’s it. Tonight, though, I went all out and browned up some 93/7 Ground Turkey. It was delish. 
Ate sherbet (NOT sherbeRt, people! Read the carton!) while watching a 90s flick–Now and Then. One of our teens lent it to me. It was pretty cute. Read some HP. Rambled on in a blog post after getting over the shock of the new Blogger homepage. Went to bed. (Yes I’m seeing into the future now. You’re welcome.) 

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