Letters to My Kids

The One with My Daddy

My dad has always been my hero. 
He’s stronger than any other dad, loves me more than I can know. 
He’s given me my passion for Italian food and snow. 
Though I’m grown and gone away, I’ll never be too old
for a hug and kiss, a helpful hand, a word on being bold. 
I know that he believes in me, tells of my success, 
And having his vote of confidence keeps me aiming for the best.
Thanks for teaching me to ride a bike, showing me how to ski, and demonstrating flips on the trampoline. You’ve taught me financial stability and frugality, but above all you’ve taught me to trust God. I could go on for hours of all the wonderful “daddy memories” I keep stored in my mind’s treasure box–a blessing I’m increasingly thankful for over the years. 
I love you and I’ll always be your little girl. 
Amanda's Pics029

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