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The One with the "Normal" Sunday

Yesterday was a “normal” Sunday–the first in many weeks. It felt good, it felt right, it felt…well…normal. At the church at 7:45am for worship team rehearsal, making last minute changes to the set. It was the earliest I think I’ve ever been at church, but it worked. Right after practice, it was scurrying here and there accomplishing necessary tasks and joyfully greeting friends. I had to stop in the middle of a conversation when the time to start playing had rolled around.  
Following the first service, I chatted for a moment before making my way up to the senior teen Sunday School Class where Kevin was co-leading. I had to ask directions on my way. Hey! I’m still new(ish) here! At the end of class, Kevin and I enjoyed our typical, playful banter while talking with the teens. (We’re generally well-received as entertainment by our audiences. *teehee*) 
Right after Sunday School, I headed back down to the Sanctuary to prepare to play piano for the traditional service. Bring on the hymns! This was going to be my very first 2nd service–seeing as how the church had been doing 1 service through the summer.  It was probably entertaining to watch me go back and forth from the piano 3 times as I thought there was more time between songs than there really was. :) All went well, however. I survived. I played…fairly well.  
And all just felt right. Being super involved in Sunday services has been my normal for the last 3 years. And it was good to be back to normal. 

What’s your Sunday morning normal?
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One thought on “The One with the "Normal" Sunday

  1. Your scurrying describes my typical-normal for Sunday mornings, but this fall I am trying to scale back, to offset the scurrying I do the rest of the week! So glad to have you and PK here — thank you for all you're doing.

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