The One with TMI (but not for you)

Sometimes, you just have to let your hair down. So to speak. In the metaphorical sense it’s just nice to take out those tight bobby pins that have been keeping my hair oh-so-perfectly-presentable and yet have been digging into my scalp, give my head a good shake, take a deep breath and chill-the-heck-out. 
Do you follow?
Ok, maybe that was a ridiculous metaphor. Let’s just pretend that didn’t happen. The truth is, it felt so good to be crazy and silly with a handful of women who were following suit. It was just 7 of us, different ages, different life stages. Sharing a meal. Many of us didn’t know each other well. Honestly, having been at this church for just over a month I guess I can say I couldn’t possibly have had the time to get to know anyone well
Relationships takes time. Time to be real. Time to relax. Time to share hurts. Time to talk about things that probably don’t ever need to be talked about, but it just feels good air out your “dirty laundry” every now and again and go home without feeling the least bit judged for the ridiculous conversation you were just a part of, and, in fact, instigated
*deep breath* That was a crazy run-on sentence. But it needed to be. For affect, you know?
After last night’s women’s dinner for 8 and the subsequent dessert with 25, I feel that much more at ease, connected, loved. 
Laughter is a beautiful thing. Relationships are healing. We were meant for community.
Do you agree?

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