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The One with New Music

I may have gotten myself into big trouble. 
So to speak. 

The other day I was searching (pretty much my favorite place to shop ever) in order to find a new set of piano lesson books for my brand new student. (My third in three weeks!! Can I get a woot, woot?!) I easily found what I was looking for, added to my cart, and continued browsing. 
That’s when I found it. The perfect supplementary book for another one of my students. She already owns a full score of  Taylor Swift music, but the music itself was a bit beyond her current level. When I saw the Easy Piano version of Taylor Swift: Fearless I knew I had to tell her mom right away. I’m so glad I did! R’s mom was just as excited as I was about this great find, and ended up purchasing a second easy piano book as well. I can’t wait to start working on these fun songs with Miss R. (They might need to keep close tabs on the more advanced Taylor Swift book. I might just borrow it for an extended period of time. Ok, ok, I’m an honest person. But for real–they’re letting me borrow it. :D) 
This music book revelation of mine opened a whole other can of worms. I began searching for a great supplementary book for a brand new student–Miss C. I sent her a list of what I had found and she eagerly choose the Glee big note music collection. 
Wow! How fun are piano lessons going to be!? 
Now, I want to start ordering fun new books for myself. I haven’t had a new music book to play in far too long, and as much as I adore my worship music and Christian wedding music books, something as awesome as Francesca Battestelli or LOTR Fellowship of the Ring or Phantom of the Opera would be AMAZING and so much fun! It’s scary how fast and easy it would be to click BUY NOW, BUY NOW and spend a bazillion dollars
Luckily I have great self control in my spending. Otherwise, we might have a problem. 
What music suggestions do you have for me? (Either that you’ve played or music you love to listen to and think I would enjoy playing)

2 thoughts on “The One with New Music

  1. I like film scores. Not soundtracks, but the actual orchestral scores. I especially like Alan Silvestri's stuff – he did forest gump (think the feather scene at the beginning).

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