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The One with "Mastering" a Great Day

What a fantastic day! It was just one of those all-too-rare days when my mood was good and my spirits were high for every moment of it. Even the getting-up-at-6am-on-a-Saturday didn’t deter me (despite the struggle to fall asleep the night before). 
Besides the great mood, it was the first Bible Quiz of new school year–over Hebrews and I&II Peter. Rich books, I tell ya, but crazy difficult to memorize. These quote verses are killing me! (I like to memorize the 40 quotes along with the quizzers–to set an example and to continue hiding God’s Word in my heart.) In any case, it was also mine and Kevin’s maiden voyage into Western New York’s quizzing conference–transported all the way from Southern Michigan. Some of the quizzers think we’re here as undercover spies to report back to our Michigan directions. :)


You may remember my epic saga of becoming a quizmaster at this past summer’s Quiz Nationals? Well, that transformed me into a regular conference quiz master in our new region! Kevin and I were both placed in 2 of the 4 top division rooms of today’s quiz–which was super cool! I was a teensy bit nervous with my new responsibility, but I quickly found my groove.


quizmastering in action at Nationals 2011


Kevin @ Nationals
For the rest of the day I just couldn’t help but think to myself, “I LOVE quizmastering!” And I really do! I don’t know if that makes me a nerd (ok, it probably definitely does), but I’m fine with that. I love the moment by moment unpredictability combined with the repetitive cadence of each round. (Is that redundant? “repetitive cadence”?) I love that Kevin is 2 rooms down, asking the same questions, dealing with totally different issues, and gathering a unique set of stories to share with me at lunch and at the end of the quiz. I love seeing every different quizzer and coach throughout the day, getting to know them and having them welcome me into their “quiz family.” And, I have to admit, I kinda love being in charge of the quiz room. It’s that first born in me, soaring to new heights…errrr….soaring to that place of familiarity–leading, bossing–but with much more class and respectfulness than my 5 year old self. 
See, mom & dad? My bossy tendencies have been channeled into the right arenas and are now being properly put to good use! 
Besides having a blast quiz mastering, I ate the most delicious Subway sub, had hilarious conversation with Kevin and Eric (our new, but feels-like-we’ve-known-him-forever friend), shopping at Sam’s Club with Kevin, drinking way too much Diet Coke & eating fan-friggin-tastic samples at said Club, purchasing Silk soy milk in pursuit of dealing with a potential lactose intolerance, finding my newly designed Piano Studio business cards sent from VistaPrint (and loving them!!!), and receiving a brand new copy of Angie Smith’s book What Women Fear thanks to my friends at (in)courage
SEE?! What did I tell you?! A GREAT day! 
How was your Saturday? 


2 thoughts on “The One with "Mastering" a Great Day

  1. quizmastering is so nerve wracking! Jeremy usually is the quizmaster and I like score keeping much better :) but sitting up there isn't as easy as it looks!

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