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The One with an Appreciation of the Crispness of Fall

Today I am thankful for…
…the chill in the air, the smell of fallen leaves, the sunny blue sky mixed with deep blue weather-filled clouds. 
…pounds and pounds of Empire apples for only $0.39 a pound. My kitchen is overflowing with apples and I love it
…the opportunity to help my sister build an awesome resume to score the job she dreams of and deserves!
three (maybe four) new piano students to add to my studio schedule. That means my studio has doubled just this week! Praise Jesus.
…last minute Friday night visits with a friend–and being totally cool showing up unannounced in lounge pants and a bowl of popcorn. 
little girls who shout, “MELANIE!” every time they see me. and hold my hand, and hug my neck, and attach themselves to my leg. 
…cute new glasses that my husband loves. (Now, I just really need to get them adjusted so they don’t dig into my scalp.)
…Apples. did I already mention apples? 
…my newly acquired actual crochet skills. I am totally rocking the triple crochet. Thanks, Mom-in-law! (Now I must hunt down additional skeins of the same yarn I bought 2 years ago. Oi.)
What are you thankful for this fall weekend?

2 thoughts on “The One with an Appreciation of the Crispness of Fall

  1. Ooo!!! Crochet!!Ok, well that was the first thing that caught my eye, but what a blessing that your studio is growing!And how quickly y'all are connecting and finding new friendships and a new home. =)I've been praying!My favorite stitch? half double crochet. It's perfect for making cute little baby hats… ;-)I've also learned how to make homemade applesauce out of the crockpot. If you're needing any new apple recipes for your overflowing stash, let me know!

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