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The One with His Birthday Day(s)

Kevin’s birthday celebration went off just as I planned. I had a few surprises up my sleeve, and I was all but bursting at the seems with excitement in the days leading up to his birthday. For the first time ever, I actually managed to keep him totally unaware of my plans and beyond that he wasn’t able to predict what I might be working on (which he is so good at doing.) 
On Tuesday we decided to head to Ruby Tuesdays to cash in on his FREE birthday burger. Our check was just $9.00. Not too shabby. And totally delicious. (You should definitely join the birthday club. Plus you get monthly coupons for BOGO entrees and such. Great deals.)
All morning Wednesday I was a busy bee preparing for my grandiose plans. There is a beautiful Erie Canal Schoolhouse Bed & Breakfast in our town and the owners attend our church. Pastor Randy & Kevin often have Monday meetings at the B&B just for a change in scenery. I decided to email Jeri at the last minute to see if they might have availability on Wednesday evening. PR had told Kevin to take the day off for his birthday so I knew Wednesday was the best opportunity. I baked a rhubarb pie (one of Kevin’s favorites) and even cut out an adorable design in the top crust– 


I packed a suitcase for the two of us full of his favorite clothes–comfy pants, slippers, sweatshirt–and a toothbrush for good measure. :) I even remembered his iPad charger! I cooked a batch of popcorn–our favorite evening snack–and headed over to the inn with the luggage in tow. Jeri & Lou were so welcoming and generous, not to mention excited about my little surprise. I moved our stuff into the room and made it home before Kevin. 
Wednesday afternoon when he came home from work, I asked if we could go out for dinner since we wouldn’t get a chance on the day of his birthday (seminary class all evening.) He was up for that–even though it meant putting off writing a paper for another day. I went about teaching my piano lessons until 6pm, grabbed my bag of crochet stuff and sneaked his most recent book into my bag, and we headed out to the local family restaurant. We had a really great time together. Conversation was sweet. Fried Halibut was delicious. Prices were good. 
When we got to the car I said, “I’m driving to our next destination.” At this point he was quite confused but certainly running through every possible outcome in his mind. By the time we arrived at the B&B he was pretty certain of my plans. I was thrilled to see he was excited about our secret “getaway” and impressed with my preparation. 
While at the B&B we enjoyed fresh rhubarb pie, hot tea, Criminal minds, crocheting/book reading, sleeping in, freshly made breakfast, a tour of the historic schoolhouse, a hymn sing with me at the piano, and his gift exchange. I had arranged for our teens from Monroe to put together a package full of birthday cards for Kevin. He was so appreciative. From me Kevin received 3 more 2 liters of Faygo’s Rock N Rye and brand new My Wife Rocks and My Husband Rocks tshirts.


So yeah, it was fabulous. I loved surprising my Love!

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