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The One with My 26th Year

Today, on my 26th birthday, I want to share 
{twenty six} things that bring me JOY. 
1}a sweet little girl birthday card from my Grams.
2}watching my facebook wall fill up with birthday greetings and feeling the love.
3} having my living room overflowing with beautiful teen girls for a night of laughter, sharing, and indulging in ice cream sundaes.
4} candles that fill the room with warmth and glow. 
5} November walks through the picturesque park, holding hands with my Love.
6} a tiny cat we named Sphinx who purrs with joy every time she sees me. 
7} girls date night with Sheryl.
8} skype calls with a group of teenagers who still love us, even from hundreds of miles away. 
9} a freezer full of ice cream
10} free Ruby Tuesday birthday burgers. 
11} God’s abundant financial provision for us. 
12} Mom & Dad making it home safe and sound from their Holy Land excursion. 
13} crocheting a special gift for a special friend. 
14} brand new nailpolish called honeymoon red. ooh, la, la. 
15} opening my first pair of YakTrax. so excited about winter runs now!
16} witnessing the progression of pregnancy in so many of my beautiful friends. 
17} having a husband who loves me even though I don’t often put meat in our chili. 
18} the scrapbooked memories to share.
19} a surprise birthday cake with candles, song, and gifts from the girls last night. 
20} receiving the wedding invitation of another beautiful college girlfriend. She’s getting her winter wedding!
21} a relaxed movie afternoon with Kevin. 
22} getting to help my sister with her resume and catching up on our lives. 
23} hearing great feedback from so many who have seen my piano studio room.
24} drinking hot cocoa
25} hearing the crunch of the dried leaves under my feet. 
26} walking in the door from Bible story to a husband with open arms, who had gotten home from class early to surprise me. 

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