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The One with My Bday Day

My birthday was just want I needed. Perfect. 
Friday night, I had a living room overflowing with high school girls–giggling, sharing, blushing, nail painting, eating, relaxing. It was wonderful. And to top it all off, right as I brought out the ice cream for our sundae bar, the whole room exploded with the happy birthday song just for me! They had made a cake–complete with my name in the frosting and 26 candles. They had all signed a card–right under my nose, without me noticing. They had bought me 3 beautiful pairs of earrings from a local boutique–and I loved every pair. I couldn’t have wiped the smile off of my face if I’d tried. 
It was 10 minutes before midnight when Kevin and I finally climbed in bed on the eve of my birthday. He decided we must wait up those 10 minutes so he could wish me happy birthday and give me my birthday present–a pair of Yaktrax (for winter running) that I’ve had on my wishlist for more than year. We slept in late the next morning. He gave time to do an hour of yoga (knowing that would make me happy), then we headed out for a leisurely walk through the most beautiful cemetery ever. (Sounds creepy, but it’s totally awesome.) Kevin knows how much I love taking walks together and we spent at least an hour walking around (and still didn’t cover all the grounds.) We even climbed to the top of the “watch tower.” Amazing view! We could see all the way to Lake Ontario
By this time, it was lunch and we headed to Subway for a little date. We came back home, made ourselves awesome ice cream sundaes, and watching Gnomeo and Juliet together–all snuggled up on the couch. I, of course, fell asleep during this 83 minute movie. Go figure. But it was a perfect afternoon.
When I finally peeled my eyelids open from my nap, it was time for my date with Sheryl. Kevin was generously giving me up for the evening so we could have a girls night out. It was a fantastic night! We hit up Goodwill, had a few good laughs, and headed to a phenomenal Italian restaurant in the city. Our conversation was so sweet; we never seem to run out of things to talk about. After our meal, we took time to browse all the aisles of Bed, Bath and Beyond with hopes of finding something to spend both of our gift cards on. We didn’t decide on anything, but we had a blast looking. With barely any time left, we made a quick run through Kohl’s–Sheryl’s first time!–and boy, oh boy! did we fill that store with laughter! So great! 
At bedtime, Kevin and I crawled under the covers and I opened up the gigantic package from the MFM teens. They had filled an extra large envelope with confetti, cards, letters, and pictures. It was a wonderful surprise, and the perfect way to end my special day. 
Thanks EVERYONE for your sweet birthday wishes! Love you all!

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