Letters to My Kids

The One with the Loveseat we Love

Welcome to our new living room, complete with our like-new hunter-green loveseat. It fits the former-piano-wall perfectly. Moving the piano into the front room to create a music studio was the best idea we ever had. Now we have a worth-while use for that room (with all of our music and instruments in one place) AND we have an extra couch in our living room for more seating. 
Notice the front door area? There used to be a bookshelf there. It was loaded with our music (and our high school year books, but that’s another story.) Now, that bookshelf is in the music room (smart, eh?), and in its place a four-hook wall shelf. It fits the space perfectly (makes me think of my grandma because she gave it to us), and finally gives guests a place to hang their coats. (We have no coat closet.) 
And now, for the official up-close-and-personal reveal of our new(to us) loveseat—
She’s a beauty! The design of the loveseat, including the short/stout wooden legs match the style of our couch just right. And now we have seating for 6 very comfortably and up to 7 or 8 with a little squeeze. (Four people can sit on the couch without too much squishing, and 3 people could sit on the loveseat. And don’t forget our glider rocker.)

It’s in great condition. The couple we bought it from had purchased it new just a year ago and rarely used it–it was in their formal living room. They even delivered it for us! 
We love the new splash of color it adds to our neutral furniture, and it suits our earthy-color choices very well. Kevin even noted that with the green loveseat, the cream couch, and the brown pillows, we have recreated our wedding colors. (What an observant husband I have?!!)

Now that we have room for guests, you should come over for a visit! 

What makes YOU feel comfortable in someone’s home? 


5 thoughts on “The One with the Loveseat we Love

  1. Well look how cute your living room looks! Perfect splash of color!I love your new blog design! Not sure when you got it (I read your blog posts through email so I don't see your header), but I love it! Very fresh and pretty.Have a lovely day Melanie!Love,Lynnette

  2. Your living room looks wonderful. Can't wait to come for a visit and sit on the new loveseat. You two are such good shoppers and a great team of making a lovely home. mom

  3. Fun coincidence: The day that you posted this (Dec. 12), we too purchased a green love seat, mainly for the purpose of more seating for guests, since we are having a shin-dig this Saturday.Great married couples' minds think alike, perhaps.

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