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The One with the Week’s Excitement

Top {TEN} Things I’m *Super* Excited About 
(or, to be grammatically correct–“Top ten things about which I’m super excited.” You’re welcome.) 
1} getting to go running this morning. 5 miles in the brisk winter air with my awesome new  cold gear Under Armour is pretty much awesome. 
2} seeing my face on the home page of! YAHOOOO!!! I am over-the-moon-excited to be the Featured Member! Thank you, Pioneer Woman and TK! I’ve been a member of this amazing recipe collection site since it’s debut in 2009 and being featured has always been a dream of mine. (And this came just a week after my Light and Crispy Waffles were added to the front page of Favorite Recipes. Remember?)
3}having Kevin’s family here for the holiday! (and visiting mine soon after.) 
4} giving my husband his Christmas gifts (though I have to try awfully hard to keep him from shaking every box under the tree. Sheesh.) 
5} all of the lovely gifts we bought from Etsy sellers
6} adding my SEVENTH piano student to my roster! I have been doing my best to expand my studio through various advertising venues–something I’m not naturally good at. But I would love to have my studio continue to grow and the best way to do that is to keep spreading the word. 
7} meeting a mom of one our teens at our Christmas party and having her say –“Oh! You’re the one the S. Family is taking piano lessons from. They talk so highly of you!” and then having her practically ask for a business card. woot!
8}our Christmas Eve service. I love Christmas Eve services! 
9} ooooh! and I am honored to be the one leading the singing at that Candlelight service! how fun! 
10}the moment when the grass is completely covered with inches of snow. I LOVE snow. (and I’m totally bummed we’re not going to have a White Christmas. Come on, people. This is Western New York!!)
What are YOU excited about this week?
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