About Me, Friends

The One with Dream Supporters

You know what’s amazing? Having a friend who believes in you. I mean really believes in you. 
It all starts with a random brainstorm a few moments before the head hits the pillow. The kind of thoughts that keep you thinking, writing notes down in the dark, hoping the letters are actually forming words on the page.
You keep your vision, your awesome idea, to yourself, mulling over the details, the ins and outs of possibility. And then again, maybe it’s not that big of a deal. Maybe it wouldn’t work out anyway. Maybe it was a stupid idea. Too hopeful, too idealistic. Just get over it. Put the idea aside and move on. 
Then, out of nowhere and with no forethought whatsoever, you share the vision with a friend. You’re all blasé about it, as if you wonder why you are even sharing the thought with anyone. 
But her response baffles you. She comes back with words of meaningful belief, encouragement, spurring on. “Don’t give up on your vision,” she says. 
And maybe she’s right. It is possible that your vision was not a random thought formed out of exhaustion or lofty dreams. Maybe those plans were set there by our good God who has greater plans for you. And for them
Do not allow yourself to be so easily discouraged. Those visions of community, passion, health, wholeness–they are good.

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