Letters to My Kids

The One with Seattle (hang on.)

note: If you’d like to see more about this trip make sure you check out the more recent post (and all its pictures HERE.

The last week has been filled with Rook, snowball fights, splashing in the Pacific Ocean, quoting Hebrews, eating tofu, riding public transportation, sleeping in random hotels, getting to share said hotel rooms with teenaged girls, running on steep hills, overlooking the city of Seattle from 350 feet, venturing on mountains, spitting into waterfalls, arguing with the gps about directions, whispering secrets and giggling in the dark. 

Overflowing with goodness, the past 8 days at Bible Quiz Nationals were unforgettable. And I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to attend with our quizzers. I loved every minute with them. 
And after my body adjusts from jet lag and, well, 8 days with teenagers ;) I’ll be sharing a few wonderful pictures from the week. 
Now? I sleep.

picture courtesy of The Space Needle
(and no, that’s not the actual city behind us. This was inside the Needle.)

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