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The One with the 10 Week Whirlwind

Wondering where I’ve been this summer? Me too. It’s been a busy one, but I’m hoping it’s going to…
….nope. Not even gonna say it. I don’t want to jinx myself. ;) 
It all started in May
the 17th-19th, we were in Michigan for my brother-in-law’s high school graduation party.  
the 24th-26th, Kevin and I headed to Sandusky for our anniversary camping/Tigers’ game/Cedar Point trip
June 1st and 2nd, we went an hour south to the annual Bible Quizzing conference campout
the 9th was the Strawberry Festival weekend, including my 5k race
the 16th was the community Book Brigade, my dad arrived for an overnight visit, and I hosted my first ever piano studio recital
June 24th we had a youth group pool party, and 
June 25th-July 2nd we were out on the west coast for Bible Quiz Finals in Seattle
July 5th and 6th, I helped a friend put on her super huge garage sale, and on the 7th, Kevin’s aunt and uncle (and family) from Indiana arrived and we shared dinner and dessert together. 
the 9th-13th, we were busy busy busy working at our church VBS from 8-12 every morning (plus squeezing in a student soccer game, 2 board meetings–Kevin, and having 7 teen girls over for an afternoon.) 
July 15th, I babysat our wonderful friends’ 4 children, so the adults could take their parents out to a 50th anniversary celebration dinner. 
the 17th I started my summer session of piano lessons, and at noon we left on a 7 hour (turned 9 hour) drive to Michigan for Family Camp. 
After 9 hours in an 97 degree (or hotter) car with no air conditioning (I kept a surprisingly good attitude for most of the trip–*ahem* considering the circumstances), we set up camp at 9pm and fell into bed. We spent the next 3 days enjoying time with family and friends, recounting stories of our transition to New York, and working with the teen program. 
This morning at 7am, we piled everything back into our little Civic for another 9 hour drive home. This time, however, the weather was wonderfully pleasant, and we squeezed in a shopping/sampling/lunch stop Sam’s Club on the way home. 
We’ve got a few more important events on the docket for the next month, but I just wanted to officially congratulate us on successfully getting through the 10 weeks of crazy/awesome/business. 
How’s your summer been? Are you busier than ever or enjoying the break in routine?

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