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The One with the {10} Likes of Late

Top Ten {things I’ve been loving lately}

1} Naturally More Peanut Butter. it’s seriously the best peanut butter ever. It’s much lower in calories and fat calories, higher in protein, lower in sugar, and straight up delicious.

2} Fresh, fragrant peaches.

3} Grilled sandwiches. As in, sandwiches cooked on the grill. I’m addicted to their crispness and depth of flavor.

4} Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips. I may or may not have bought a bag while in Seattle due to a chocolate craving. I won’t tell you if the bag’s gone yet or not.

5} Homemade strawberry jam. There’s something extra satisfying about picking, processing, and canning your own jam. Plus, you need something to go with all that peanut butter.

6} Keeping a beautiful stock pile of birthday cards. Such a simple expression of love can mean so much.

7} Our new kitty! (I just remembered I hadn’t introduced her to you all yet! My apologies! She kinda-sorta doesn’t have a name yet. We have thrown around 4 or 5 good options, but nothing has stuck, try as we might. I’ve just been calling her “kitty.” I’m leaning toward Akeelah because it’s a prettier version of her original name “Aki.” We’ve joked about Napster because napping is pretty much her thing. And then there’s Phoebe or Alice. *sigh* poor cat.


8} Anyone else noticing that “food” largely occupies my list of likes?

9} Reading Reddit’s frugal page. It’s amazing the tips and tricks you can pick up from others.

10} and just because I’m out of awesome things I’ve enjoying lately, here’s something just plain awesome (and pretty darn funny too).  Click HERE for Parenting Tip.


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