Letters to My Kids

A New Peanut Butter in Town

Something you all should know about me is I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER. I have had some serious addictions to the stuff in the past, but now I have a good, tasty, healthy relationship with it. Apparently Pacific Beach Peanut Butter discovered my love for this nutty spread and contacted me to review their new products. This company started just two years ago with a mother and son team eager to produce a peanut butter brand that would be all natural, delicious, and a whole host of flavor varieties. You bet your bottom dollar I said YES.

*There’s a coupon code for YOU, dear readers, to receive a free jar of PB peanut butter with any purchase. Code is at the bottom of this post. Happy Shopping!

I was thrilled to open my neatly packaged box of three 9oz. glass jars of peanut butter. My selection included: 

It’s been a week since popping open each of these jars and they are over half empty already! Ooops! But I think that’s a great sign. All of the peanut butters are slightly chunky, but just enough to prove they were hand-ground. They spread well, and are amazing if you follow the lid’s directions and microwave for 20 seconds. Mmm, melty goodness. 
I was impressed that the list of calories and fat calories are at least 30-50 fewer per serving that any other brand of peanut butter I’ve tried, yet the ingredient list remains short – peanuts, and the one or two additional “mix-in” flavor ingredients. I am all about a natural list of contents – none of this added sugars, oils, salts, etc.

Kevin and I, along with his parents and brother, all enjoyed sampling these great Pacific Beach Peanut Butter varieties. We made a light lunch out of the snacking and everyone commented how much they loved ALL of the flavors. We would highly recommend YOU try some of this peanut butter. I think the gifts sets would make an amazing option for a business gift or a special occasion gift basket. What a fun alternative to flowers or chocolates!


The Cinnayum is by far my favorite. The only spice I love as much as I love peanut butter is cinnamon, so combining that flavor with the nutty spread is like heaven. I have been using this Cinnayum Peanut Butter on toast, graham crackers and even pretzels. 
I thought the Chocolate Peanut Butter would win out in a flavor competition, because, well, it’s my favorite combination of all time, but Pacific Beach’s concoction isn’t quite chocolately enough for me, although the family said they preferred the “hint” of chocolate to a stronger combination like I would have wanted. It’s a little less stir-able than the cinnayum, but still amazing with just a quick zap in the microwave. 
The classic organic, unsalted peanut butter is what I would definitely go back for again and again. It is a staple in my pantry and this brand hits the nail on the head. Great consistency, awesome flavor, no additives, few calories. Don’t ask me how they do it, but I commend them. 
I truly hope that Pacific Beach Peanut Butter finds success in this peanut butter loving world, and that you, my friends would cash in on this great offer and get yourself a jar or five of PB Peanut Butter. With any purchase you can get a FREE JAR of Pacific Beach Peanut Butter. Just use the coupon code blogger03 when you check out.


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