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Photos From Our Fifth


Our Fifth Anniversary Date Day was a wonderful success! Kevin arrived home on Friday (our actual anniversary) around 7pm from a two day church conference. I presented him with a small token of my love –  this vintage-esque Detroit Tigers shirt.

Saturday morning, we took 5 minutes to set up our tripod and camera for a photo shoot at my request. Thank you, Husband, for humoring me, for putting on your nice sweater, for smiling beautifully and for doing something just for me (because I know you do not enjoy being in front of the camera.)

We made it to Goodwill around 10:15am, called Kevin’s mom to sing Happy Birthday (complete with harmonies!) and headed inside for a shopping spree. This was another stop in our day that was mostly for my personal pleasure.  We found —

-a fantastic dress for me to wear on our November cruise – for $8.99
two pairs of Converse (shoes I’ve wanted but couldn’t spend $60 on – I got both pair for $13)

-for $4.99 an Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer
a pair of shorts for Kevin
-jean capris and running pants for moi
-a folder filing system for the piano studio

Not a bad haul!

Thank you, again, Kevin, for being such a good sport (and for having really good taste in dresses – Yes, he picked out both of the dresses I’m wearing in these pictures).

I love the style of this dress. And I wanted to show off my new pixie hair cut again. 

We had a delicious lunch at Java Junction! I was thrilled Kevin enjoyed the food and the atmosphere as much I thought he would. He loved his Avocado Mac and Cheese and Seafood Bisque, and I enjoyed a Mesa Chicken Wrap and salad. The Chocolate Raspberry Coffee I had was phenomenal and Kevin loved his classic iced coffee. We shall be back, JJ.

Lunch was finished just in time to take a stroll down to the Strand Theater for the $5.50 matinee showing of Star Trek: Into Darkness. This is the first movie in a long time that I haven’t been counting down the minutes till it’s over. (I just can’t seem to sit for two hours of focused attention any more. *sigh*) But it was a really great show! I mean, I heart Benedict Cumberbatch so it’s a winner for sure. ;) Kevin enjoyed it even more because he’s seen all of the original Star Trek episodes.

I include this photo for proof that “We Heart Cumberbatch”

After the movie, we wandered around Main St. in Brockport and then headed to the Mini Golf course. We decided the course left a lot to be desired (and it was a bit chilly) so we drove away. We made it to Miller’s Amish Bulk Food and Bakery just before closing and man o man will I be back! I bought Cashew Butter, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Rye Flour and Kevin’s dates–all for great prices.


On our way to Medina for dinner, we stopped at a yard sale and scored in the book department. Don’t ask me why we’re buying more books when we just purged our shelves a few months ago, but we couldn’t help ourselves. Kevin was excited to find a great selection of out-of-print Isaac Asimov books and I found a slew of Henri Nouwen books. The contemplative Phi-Rel girl in me was nearly squealing with excitement.

Thanks to a gift card, we enjoyed dinner at Avanti’s – splitting a pizza (with lots of leftovers!) and ordered Cokes for $19.


Though to many people our daily lives appear to be one big long date (don’t get me wrong, we love living life just the two of us, getting to do and go whatever we want, whenever we want), but having an 8 hour day planned out on purpose was a true date for us. It seems low-key for a 5th anniversary, and it was. Because that’s us. We love time together, time to laugh, time to talk, and if we can do it on dime, even better!


I love you, Husband of mine. 



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