Piano Recital [Year 2]


Though I started teaching piano in September 2009, June 2012 was my very first piano recital as a teacher. I hosted a second recital at Christmastime at a local assisted living establishment. This year, I was excited to have 16 students performing in the recital (doubling my 8 from last year.) They all did a tremendous job.

I played duets with many of my students! Fun!

laughter is key

It made my heart sing to see our church sanctuary filled with at least 100 people in the audience, many were friends and family of my students and some were there as my beloved support system. (If you came just to support me and listen to some lovely music, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.)


My mom, grandma and Chuck made the drive from Ohio to encourage me and they did much more than that. Grandma played a 20 minute prelude while families found their seats, and did a fantastic job of entertaining our ears and calming some nerves along the way. Both Mom and Grams helped tremendously by keeping the cookie and punch reception flowing and plates filled. Thanks!!


Kevin was my faithful photographer and captured hundreds of phenomenal photos to remember the occasion. And yes, he even played a four handed duet of The Entertainer with Matilda, one of my Middle School students.


One very thoughtful florist from our church learned of my recital and coordinated the Sunday floral arrangements with my piano studio colors, and even made pipe cleaner music notes and “Eccles Studio” letters to accent each bouquet. So wonderful!


I was thrilled to present two special students with the Annual Awards of Excellence for Most Accomplished and Most Improved Pianists. It was a very hard decision as many of my students showed noteworthy progress and have used their piano skills in more than just personal practice time.


After presenting those unique awards, I gave first year (with me) students a music tote bag with my Eccles Piano Studio logo, and to my second year students, I presented these sweet new tshirts. (I wore mine yesterday and already had someone ask about piano lessons! Score!)

Eccles Piano Studio TShirt


Way to go, everyone! I look forward to another year of lessons with you (and some newbies, to total 23 students in the Fall…and growing! Yay!)




3 thoughts on “Piano Recital [Year 2]

  1. You look fantastic! Love the shoes! Love the hair… the dress is very cool! The whole event was a hit I'm sure! How fun!!It's so fun to see Kevin fitting into your life so well!

  2. It definitely was an awesome recital. The students did fantastic, and you all looked lovely. I ditto all that Britt said in her comment:) Gram and Chuck and I were delighted to be there and to be able to help. Can't wait until the next one. Love you, Mom

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