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Christmas Eve with Our Littles

Dear Child of Mine, 

I can’t wait for you to come play with the other littles in my life!  It was truly a joy to spend the second Christmas Eve service in the nursery with my love and my favorite little people. After a truly tremendous experience of serving on the 15 member extra special, combined worship team in the first service, I was ready to settle in with some building blocks and book reading. I waited for quite some time, all by myself, in the nursery and no one showed up. I was starting to feel weepy because…well, you weren’t there with me. I kept looking at this beautiful bracelet a kind friend bought for me. It says,


The prayer of my heart to be sure.

But then, my favorite person in the whole wide world showed up and said, “I just had to do announcements, so I’ll help you in nursery.” It was all I could do to not throw my arms around him. (Ok, maybe I did.) I needed him there in that moment. 

christmas card

We sat and sang along with the Christmas hymns piping in via the TV. And then our little friends showed up. After overcoming a few initial mommy don’t leave me tears, your dad and I sat on the ground and read books, pointed out shapes, rolled balls and generally enjoyed the snuggles.


It was a beautifully, comfortable thing, being in the nursery with my husband. Sharing space with kids who know us well, silently dreaming about the day you’ll be there with us.


Come Quickly, Child.


Your Mama


P.S. The cutest thing happened today. Our friend Anna  texted me to tell say little 2 year old Amelia (above in white shirt) saw a photo of me and said, “It’s Lemony!” how cute is that?!


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