Letters to My Kids

Wise Words of Aslan

Dear Child of Mine, 

I hope we can one day read The Chronicles of Narnia (by C.S. Lewis) together. I picture us all snuggled in bed beside Daddy reading chapter after chapter of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, discovering the wonderful world of  Narnia, and of the great Aslan–the powerful and good lion, the lion that can’t be tamed or tied down, and of Peter the Magnificent, Susan the Gentle, Edmund the Just, and Lucy the Valiant. We have so much to learn, to imagine, to discuss. I look forward to the eager look in your eye as we turn pages. I anticipate the days, later on, when you’re old enough to talk about imagery and the story’s deeper theological implications. Your dad and I love talking theology. We can’t wait for you to hear your thoughts.
On the eve of a new year, we decided to watch the film based on this epic novel. I was sitting at my desk, writing to you, when I heard these words come from Aslan’s mouth–
What’s done is done. There is no need to speak to Edmund about what is past.
Edmund had been a traitor. He had abandoned his family and played into the hand of the evil witch. But he had come to see the error of his ways and this young boy recognized the pain his choices had caused to his family and friends. And so, in a teachable moment, when Edmund’s brother and sisters were ready to pounce on him repaying evil for evil, the Great Lion urged them to forgive, to let go of their records of wrongs
We will make mistakes, Child. Sometimes repentance will really result in a complete turning from wrong, and we won’t revisit those sins. But other times we’ll allow our sinful flesh to gain control and what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I doYet now is a time to heed the wise words of Aslan as we enter into 2014. What’s done is done. Let’s release others from their sins and live in God’s grace.

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