Husband, Infertility, Letters to My Kids, Love

How Many Will There Be?

Dear Child of Mine,

I thought it important to emphasize that these letters, aren’t just for you, the firstborn. You are not the only desire of our hearts. Should God grant us just one child, then certainly, our words are for you alone. But should He allow us to parent two or three or more children, our hearts remain the same.

So here’s to you, Second Born, Adopted Ones, Baby of the Family. Your Daddy and I love and crave EACH of you, even now, when we can hardly imagine seeing a positive pregnancy test. Each one of you will hold a special place in our hearts. From what I hear, the love we share with our children doesn’t get divided up between of you, but it MULTIPLIES exponentially. WOAH! That’s a lot of love! :)

We seek the wisdom of the Holy Spirit as we wait, pursue treatment, investigate adoption, consider all of the options. We have no answers, but we’re eager. And we await EACH of your arrivals into our lives.



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