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Craving Campfires

Dear Child of Mine,

As I look out from our cozy little apartment, I since inches upon inches of fluffy white snow. It’s beautiful, it really is. And I’m so thankful for the loveliness of each unique flake. It has been years since I last experienced a true WINTER – one filled with snow days and ice storms, snow plows and frightening roadways, knee-deep snow and crunchy sounding sidewalks. I have to admit, I’ve enjoyed the excuse to drink way too much hot chocolate topped with far too many marshmallows. I love snuggling with my husband on cold nights, craving body heat and loving his nearness. I’m even a lover of winter runs, an activity most people would highly dislike. But if the morning is refreshingly brisk and the winds are low, there really is nothing like the calm, quiet, crunchy run of winter.

I say all this because I want you to know I REALLY DO LOVE WINTER. No joke. I can’t wait to teach you to downhill ski, to  take you sled riding every chance we get, to take picture of the epic snowmen you’re bound to build with your dad.

But I’m craving spring. I’m needing a moderately warm camping trip. I’d love to sit around the campfire and roast marshmallows (rather than watching them dissolve in my steaming mug of cocoa.) I want to eat a perfect s’more made by your daddy. I want to hear the crickets and see the fireflies.


Maybe in a few months…


But for now I’m choosing to be thankful for our toasty hobbit-hole. I’m thankful for all that cocoa. I’m thankful for bowl after bowl of homemade soup. I’m thankful for snuggles.

Waiting for spring. Waiting for you. Always.



One thought on “Craving Campfires

  1. You can fly out here, and I’ll make you a campfire in our wood burning fireplace and we can make s’mor’s. Nick and I have had a fire going a lot lately as our temps have been in the negatives the last couple days! Nick really does love playing with fire!

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