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Location Matters

Dear Child of Mine,

In August of 2007, your daddy led me out to the most romantic corner of our favorite place – “The Point” at Somerset Beach Campground. It was there he asked me to be his wife, committing to love and cherish me forever and ever. The look in his eyes, the sights and sounds of that quiet evening, every moment still rings vividly in my mind’s eye. I am so thankful I said, “Of course!” (Apparently a simple “yes” just wouldn’t do.)


In October 2013, for his birthday, I purchased a set of these leather bracelets for each of us. I loved the concept that this creative Etsy shop had — commemorating that special place, where Forever Memories were made. And so, I zoomed into Google Maps to the precise location of our engagement, and VOILA! GPS coordinates. Sure, the bracelet could speak a message with words. But I married a NUMBERS GUY. And I knew he would resonate with this message.

Within a moment of the revealing of his gift, he had picked the point! He knew. That’s the place our love was truly committed, even before the altar and the pastor and our friends and family. We made a commitment and we’ve kept it.

Your daddy and I love each other, even more now than on that humid August night. And we look forward to expanding our love when you join us.

Come quickly, little one.



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