Letters to My Kids

Sunday Pancakes

Your daddy and I had two little girl guests last Sunday afternoon. Almost every week, Madison and Jillian run up and ask if they can come to my house. Their cute faces, valid arguments, and insistent tones make it difficult to say no. Most of the time we’re exhausted already from our Sunday and still have a full afternoon and evening of youth group prep and hosting to do. It’s definitely tiring. And we technically have good reason to cherish our quiet afternoons alone. But sometimes I push myself out of the selfish (albeit oftentimes needed) habits, and say, “Yes!”

After entering our Hobbit-Hole-Home with an eager comment, “Oooooh, it’s like a secret entrance!” (we’re “garden level”), we set to work making breakfast-for-lunch.

Jillian donned an oversized apron and poured all of the ingredients for homemade pancakes.

Madison listened carefully to Kevin’s instruction about how to play guitar and strummed lovingly in the living room.

Both girls helped add chocolate chips to the pancakes and did a great job flipping them on the griddle.

After bacon, eggs, and pancakes were cleaned up and the girls had each had their fair share of flute and guitar lessons with Kevin, we settled in for 2 episodes of The Magic School Bus. (Yes, Child, we own the complete set. Your dad and I love those shows and thought they’d be a great set of dvds to keep on hand.) Jillian asked me if I would snuggle buggle with them on the couch.

So I did.


It was warm and loving and relaxing. I can’t wait to teach you how to make pancakes or how to crack an egg. I look forward to listening to your dad’s guidance as you try your hand at our myriad of instruments. I want to snuggle you more than I want anything else in this world. 




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