Letters to My Kids

Loved: Deep and Wide

Dear Child of Mine,

Do you know how loved you are? You would not be able to comprehend the love that your friends and family have already lavished on you, even in these days pregnant with hope alone.

We are nearing the end of our fourth year of infertility, an unexpected journey that has been more beautiful and more painful than I could have anticipated. Yet through it all I never felt alone. The people in my life have surrounded us, sent emails and texts of encouragement, shared in falling tears, inquired without intruding. There have been countless prayers sent up in the quiet, solitary prayer closet. And then there are times of public anointing, the laying on of hands, the body of Christ pouring His balm on our spirits.

I wish I could thank each and every person with the lavish displays of gratitude they deserve. Honestly, though, I don’t think I could even name every single individual who has ever shown support or love or shared in our desire. “Our people” are countless.

A few days ago, Wednesday, April 23rd to be precise, I sent this message to a few of our friends and family.

This morning I took my first of five Clomid pills, promoting ovulation and egg maturation. On Tuesday, April 29 @ 9:45am I will go back to Dr. Mroueh (mah-roo-way). He will perform an ultrasound to check if the egg has matured well. Then he will give me an injection of Novarel to time the release of the egg. (We have already paid for this injection ($109). A few days (?) later we will go back to the office for IUI (intra-uterine insemination).

Two evenings ago I had a brief moment of panic, being really scared that this WILL work, and yet also being scared that it WON’T work.

Please pray for this entire process. Pray for our peace. Pray for my hormones (with the onslaught of artificial hormones) to not make me completely insane for the next week or so.

Last night at our worship session and sermon by Bishop David Roller, the message was about moving from a period of barrenness similar to Abram and Sarai to a time of fruitfulness. Of course the focus was shifting from growth and productivity in our ministries, but he also talked a lot about physical infertility. At the end, all of the district superintendents and our North American bishops stood up front with oil for anointing and praying over any who came forward (for at least an hour!) We had just shared our prayer request with our own Supt. Mitch Pierce and his wife, which made it very moving to have them anoint and pray over Kevin and I last night.

God is on the move in our family of two.

My phone has been overflowing with text notifications and my email inbox is one message of excitement after another.

I am praying for you!! I have a really good feeling about this. If you need to talk or the hormones are overwhelming please don’t be afraid to call!!

This is amazing!  Holy cow.  I am praying for you friend.  If you need to talk in person I am here. 

Very exciting time.  That’s wonderful about being anointed.  May God give you the desires of your heart.  Will definitely keep praying. 

You are surrounded, dear Child, with a deep love by so many. YOU ARE WANTED. And don’t you ever forget that. 





2 thoughts on “Loved: Deep and Wide

  1. Jessie A. says:

    This makes me so happy, I’m crying with joy for you! Good luck (in your onslaught of hormones) and may God bless you guys abundantly!
    P. S. I hope you know I follow your blog and I’m not secretly stalking you. :)
    Love, A Former Roommate

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