Friends, Infertility, Letters to My Kids

Pills and Prayers

So I finished the last of the Clomid pills this morning. I did it. And I didn’t leave a wake of wreakage from any emotional breakdowns. (Although you might want to ask your father about the truth in that one.) The medication left me feeling a little off, a little withdrawn, and a little moody, but nothing severe. I had headaches most of the 5 days, but again, not too tough to handle, considering what I was bracing myself for. Now to endure another hormone injection on Tuesday. We’ll see how my body handles that one.

I wanted you to know, Child, how cared for I was during these five days. I’m so thankful I let others in on this stage of the journey to you. There have been so many messages asking how I’m holding up, how I’m feeling, and sharing hopeful prayers. One friend in particular sent me a prayer each day, specific and spot on to needs where the Holy Spirit was leading her. These are the prayers I want to remember. Your mother is well loved, Child. 

Praying for peace for you today. For hormones to be in check. For no anxiety or panic attacks. For calm and joyful spirits. ♥


My prayer for you today is for the medical technology of your process. I pray for wisdom and discernment on the doctor’s behalf. I pray for the medicine to do what it is suppose to, for egg maturity, and for perfect medical timing for the insemination. I pray for a steady doctor’s hand and kind nurses. And that this crazy hormonal roller coaster passes by quickly. ♥


On this fourth day, I keep you and Kevin in my prayers. May this experience draw you closer in ways neither of you could ever imagine. May God bless and protect your marriage from doubt, insecurities, and frustrations. Protect each other, love each other, and support each other. And to not lose sight of God’s plan ♥


So my prayer for you on this last day of Clomid is a selfish prayer. I am praying for this round to be SUCCESSFUL!  For in 9 short months you will be blessed with that precious bundle of joy (and nerves and frustrations and tears… haha). For baby to be healthy and beautiful (like I need to pray for that, duh!). For an easy, joyful, glowing pregnancy. For delicious cravings and no puking. I am believing that God has this prayer already answered, and that His plan is greater than we could ever know. ♥


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