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The Rescue of a Lamb

Dear Child,

I am convinced that your Daddy is going to take incredibly good care of you. He will meet your needs, and tend to you with a kindness beyond requirement. He does this for me on a daily basis. Lavishing love. And on Sunday, his actions were more valiant and loving than I could ever have hoped for in the father of my children.

Sunday evening we got a message from our friend, Anna, saying her little girl had left her most prized stuffed lamb in the church nursery. Given that Amelia is absolutely adored by Kevin and I, and hearing of her distress over leaving “Baa” behind, we were more than willing to help. I was already tucked into my home for the evening so on his way home from Bible Quizzing, Kevin dropped off Baa the Lamb safely into 2-1/2 year old Amelia’s arms.

On his way over to their house, I received this photo from Kevin.


HOW ADORABLE IS THAT?! He thought to BUCKLE IN the little lamb to prove to Amelia how well he cared for Baa. Later that evening, Kevin received a text from Tod, Amelia’s dad, saying,

Amelia is still very happy with you, Kevin. She was telling me, now that I’m back from work, “Kevin get it back! Kevin get it back!” You’re a hero.

Amelia with Baa 5

Kevin’s response, with eyes gleaming:

I’ve always wanted to be a hero.


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