Confessions, Friends, Letters to My Kids

A Small Goodbye

It’s begun:
Spending as much time as possible with as many friends as we can before we move.
Filling our one-room home with packing boxes.
Feeling sad. Feeling excited. Feeling confused.

Last Friday we had our last small group gathering. We call this bunch of people our Life Gwoup. (The W is on purpose. Inside joke.) Two of our regulars weren’t able to attend, but the rest of us met up at the local bowling alley for a couple hours of laughter, embarrassment and food. It was grand!IMG_1399

Anna and Tod’s three kids were super excited about their first time bowling and I’m ashamed to admit that their scores beat mine. Even with their bumpers and the guide ramp, it’s still bringing shame to my dad and grandpa’s legacy. Oh well. I was in it for the fun conversations and memory making more than anything.


Side note. When I saw ^this picture^ my first thought was, “I actually look like an adult…” For the first time ever, I can picture myself with kids and it’s a totally believable image. I’ve always looked young for my age, even to myself, and I’m thankful that I’ve turned some sort of mental corner. Hopefully that change doesn’t come with wrinkles, though.


The sweetest moment of the evening was, of course, with my little Amelia. I was holding her while talking to someone else and suddenly she grabbed my attention, looked me right in the eye and said:

I’m going to miss you really much.

To have a young girl, not even 3 years old, understand that I’ll be leaving soon and express the sadness in her spirit….what a tender memory. I’m going to miss you really much, too, Amelia. I’m going to miss our silly smile exchanges. I’m going to miss seeing you snuggling in Kevin’s lap. I’m going to miss the faithful hugs you bestow on me. I’m going to miss our precious little bond that we’ve had from the start. I hope you don’t forget me, my little Amelia. I certainly won’t forget you.


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