Family, Husband, Letters to My Kids


Dear Child of Ours,

On May 17th, 2014, exactly 6 years after graduating from Spring Arbor University, your father received his Masters of Arts in Theological Studies from Northeastern Seminary at Roberts Wesleyan College.


I think he’s so handsome, don’t you?

It’s been a long educational journey, rooted in our following of God’s will. I don’t believe it was a mistake that Kevin received his Bachelor’s in Chemistry. God is the creator and sustainer of this universe, and our pursuit to understand it speaks to our desire to know God. This Sovereign One has certainly woven together the stories of science and ministry in the life of my husband, and I trust He will continue to do so.


The Eccles: Melanie, Kevin, Gordon, Linda and Brian


Receiving his diploma with President John Martin and Dean Doug Cullem


Both sets of our parents: Dan & Karen Fish, Gordon & Linda Eccles

We were so thankful that both of our families could join us in this celebratory event. What a blessing that they were all willing and eager to make the lengthy road trips to New York. After the commencement ceremony, the seven of us carpooled to the nearest Ruby Tuesdays where we had a little more time together to talk and laugh and reminisce and notice the ways God has been working.


The seminarian and his wife

Little One,
I want you to know how immensely proud of him of your Daddy. He did so well in his three years of intensive seminary classes, and I know he’s thrilled to be done with school! And can I just say how thankful I am for the way he lived during his time as a seminarian? Never once did I feel neglected or frustrated because of his coursework. He managed his time well and didn’t allow his class responsibilities to get in the way of loving me well. What a blessing! I have to admit, I oftentimes forget he was even in seminary because he was so good at keeping it relegated to a small corner of his life.

Thank you, Husband of mine. I love you and I’m so so SO happy for you!


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