Letters to My Kids

Camp Speakers

This was originally written on June 7th. Follow up post to come!


Hello, Little One!

Today we pack our bags in preparation for a week in Nevada City, California! We were asked in February to be the speakers for the teen program at the Sierra Pacific Conference FMC Family Camp.  Neither of us has even been to the state of California, so the location alone was a huge draw. As you know, we’ve spent the last 6 years of our lives as youth leaders, teaching them, entertainingScreenshot 2014-06-06 22.05.50 them with our antics, and befriending them. What an awesome opportunity! We eagerly accepted the invitation, and fly out of Buffalo early tomorrow morning. (I mean look at this weather forecast!)

It’s strange how the timing of this camp engagement camp worked out. Here we are in our last official week at Albion, gearing up for ministry in Monroe and we’ll be in California! Perhaps this week is just the right separation between these two monumental stages of our lives. Maybe God knew what He was doing?

My prayers for this week ahead are many.

May our words be spoken clearly and effectively.

May the messages be used by the Lord to work in the hearts of the teens.

May we develop good repoire with the students in short order.

May there be time to rest and enjoy the beauty of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

May this be exactly where God wanted us to be.

I can’t wait to tell you how it goes, Child! And I look forward to the years ahead when we’ll have you and your siblings in tow as we travel to camps for other speaking engagements. Or at least that’s the hope. Your daddy would be a great speaker at youth camps or in the adult sessions at family camps. Maybe someday we’ll all go together!

Loving you always,




One thought on “Camp Speakers

  1. isaac barajas says:

    It was a great week i meet this amazing people named Kevin and Melanie… thank you god for bringing them into my life…

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