Friends, Letters to My Kids

Houseguests Galore

Dear Child of Mine,

You’re seriously missing out on the all the fun! For the past week our house has looked a bit more like a Bed and Breakfast (and Lunch and Dinner). We are so thankful that our New York friends took us seriously when we invited them to visit us in Michigan. It feels like the proof of true friendship to have hosted so many families in just the first two months since moving. We love having this home with plenty of space to accommodate visitors. I adore my large kitchen and those barstools where people always congregate. We’ve had bonfires and taken numerous field trips to Independent Dairy and played in the park and shopped at Goodwill. And it’s felt just right.

Bible Quizzers July 3-4: Thoms (Tara/Catherine/Jacob/Sarah), Allens (Pam/Trinity), Bannisters (Emily/Jayne), plus Calandra and Zach.


Symons August 15-17: Tod and Anna and their three kids – Charlotte, Henry, and Amelia


LeBarons August 19-21: Sheryl and the kids – Ashlyn, Brendan, Madison, and Jillian


Rivers August 23-24: Tom and Marsha (they arrive this evening!)

Here’s some more sweet memories of our time together –


2014-08-16 10.50.54 2014-08-16 12.07.59

2014-08-15 20.42.49 2014-08-16 11.36.26 2014-08-16 12.08.34

2014-08-20 14.53.21

2014-08-19 18.39.45 2014-08-19 17.34.01

My parents visited over Fourth of July weekend and Kevin’s brother spent a few nights with him while I was at camp. Our dear Ohio friends, the Lacys (Matt/Elizabeth/Owen), are coming in September! We plan to have the Eccles over soon, and hopefully host a family holiday in the near future. We love being loved with this time together and we hope YOU join the fun soon, Dear Child.


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