Confessions, Infertility, Letters to My Kids

Doctor’s Report

Dear Child of Ours,
We had our post-op visit with the doctor last Friday, October 10th. It may sound weird but I was so happy to discover she had found problems – because knowing the problem means there is a likely solution. During the laparoscopy she found mild endometriosis as well as abdominal adhesions. She also performed a hysteroscopy and a D&C, and we’re so glad she did because she found multiple uterine polyps which could have been acting as an IUD (in her words). All of that “mess” has been cleaned up, and I’m happily reporting to all who will listen that my insides are back to “factory original settings.” :D
Her prognosis is hopeful, yet our hearts are fragile. The devastation we both experienced after two unsuccessful rounds of IUI in May/June was almost more than I could handle, and I anticipate even greater emotional response to the next few months of “failure to conceive” given the invasiveness and the success of my surgery. It’s very hard to remain hopeful, without getting hopes too high; to expect God to work, without setting expectations. But God is always at work, and he is always worth hoping in; the results may or may not be what we intended, but experience tells me His plan is perfect.
Waiting on you, Child.
Waiting on Him.

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