Friends, Letters to My Kids


Dear Little One,

This week I’ve experienced life as a single mom of four kids. It had only day 3 and I was like, wow, exhausted. The kids have been great and we’ve had lots of fun together. But I have a whole new level of respect for moms of any kind – let alone those doing it alone. (To be fair to myself, I did gain 4 kids overnight and I’m in a house that isn’t mine…but still. :)) Kudos to you, Mom-Heroes.
 2014-11-11 13.14.23
Over the past 4 days, we’ve gone to friends’ houses, tried to ice skate, watched movies, had a scavenger hunt, made ice cream sundaes and pizza and cookies, practiced piano, enjoyed good conversations over dinner, had many bath times, snuggled, read books, visited the library, played board games, braided many pig tails, gone shopping, had a Tim Hortons date, went to piano lessons, hosted friends over, and done laundry and dishes.

2014-11-13 08.48.37   2014-11-13 12.26.062014-11-11 10.32.30

In addition to the fun I’ve had with the four L kids, I’ve gotten to see so many of the wonderful people I loved and left here in Albion. I thought it’d be fun to tell you who all I’ve managed to see in the 5 days I’ve been back in town.

2014-11-13 11.59.35
Sunday night: Randy, Sheryl, Ashlyn, Brendan, Madison, and Jillian
Monday morning at school: Katelyn, Lucy, Zoe, Sydney, Reuben, Corey, Nancy
Coffee with: Tom & Darryl
Lunch with: Tara, then saw Catherine, Jacob, and Sarah
Around town while taking kids to piano lessons and going for a walk: Lisa, Zach, Mike, Rick, Brooke, Marsha and Lucy, Margy, Wayne, Tara, Hanna, Sarah, Catherine, Hannah, Tod, Anna, Amelia, Henry, Charlotte
Evening visit with: Olivia
Tuesday (off school): ice skating with Tara, Catherine, Jacob, Ashlyn, Jillian, and Victor; Andrea, Zach, Jadon and Kasey; Lisa, Jody, Jaimie, Lucy, Adam
Wednesday at school: Peggy (aka Leggy!), Kristen and Abby, Corey, Kiera, Lisa,
Coffee with: Hannah
Visit with: Anna and Amelia
Survivor Night: Jon, Jack, Wayne, Grant and Jan
Morning School: Clara, Peggy, Greg
Girls night reunion! Catherine, Olivia, Marella, Savannah, Trinity, Jessy, Vivian, Tara, Jacob and Sarah.

2014-11-13 12.25.51
My body is so tired. My heart is so full.


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