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Dear Little One, 

We heard your heart beating fast and strong today. What a blessed relief it was! We were assured once again that you are safe and sound, alive and well. God has given me such a peace about your life and my pregnancy. But I still can’t know the future, and as this morning’s doctor’s appointment drew near I couldn’t help by dread the silence. What if there’s no heartbeat?

Cathy had no trouble finding that pumping sound. It was music to my ears. “SHE’S ALIVE!” I exclaimed in joy.

I pray over you every single day, Little Girl. Your life is already a gift; what an experience it will be to be witness to the work of God molding you before our eyes.

We’re still not sure of your name. Girl names were always “easy” for me when I was making baby name lists growing up. Now that you’re a physical part of my life, though, the decision feels so much more important. Even once we choose a name for you, though, we plan to cherish that as our secret before your Birth Day. And with that, I wanted to take a minute and share with our friends some answers to their Frequently Asked Questions.

Where did the name “Baby Fuji” come from?
When we found out we were 5 weeks pregnant, the interwebs told us the baby was the size of an appleseed. Kevin quickly picked a gender-neutral apple name – Fuji – to assign Baby Eccles while in utero. Since we’re keeping her name a surprise, Baby Fuji she will remain.

Have you started a baby registry?
With the adoption saga of February 2015, I opened a registry on Since finding out we’re having a Baby Girl, I have been editing the list to girly-specific items. For those who have asked, here’s the link to the Amazon Registry we created. We’ve also started a rough registry at Walmart for those who need a “physical store” to shop.

We chose a new Crib Bedding set which Kevin and I both love. It’s also perfect with the present room colors – the carpet and walls – and I’ve changed some registry color selections to match better. I purchased Aqua Drapes today that are already hung!

Screenshot 2015-07-08 18.52.47Screenshot 2015-07-08 18.52.56Screenshot 2015-07-08 18.53.03Screenshot 2015-07-08 22.13.12

As I mention in our registry note: Let it be known that you can go OFF REGISTRY if you’d like. We are completely welcoming of homemade gifts or Etsy purchases or thrift store finds or Ebay goods. (Bows & hair clips and other girly items especially welcome!) Any products you think are “essential” that we haven’t registered for? Go for it! Find something we’ve registered for at a cheaper price – do it!

Are you going to bottle feed or breast feed?
Prayerfully, I am planning to breast feed exclusively as long as we are able. I know circumstances cannot be predicted and I will brace myself for necessary changes to the plan. (I do love a good plan, though.)

Cloth or Disposable Diapers? 
Given our bent for frugality and au natural, we’re planning to do cloth diapering. I have done research and really love the BumGenius All-in-One (and one size fits all) diapers. As mentioned in the “registry note” above, however, if you happen make cloth diapers or find a deal at a garage sale or something crazy like that, I would not at all be opposed or offended by that.


Any other questions or suggestions are more than welcome, any time. (Just don’t touch the “weight” topic with a thousand foot pole, pleaseandthankyou.)


4 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Cloth diapers ate the best! We love them and have a few tricks for them that I’ll share with you later. I think we use bum genius all in one as well.
    K-mart had THE best girl cloths and bows. Also their prices are cheaper than Target, Kohl’s, baby’s r us, etc.
    Also… Yay for girlie play dates!

  2. Erin.Gentry says:

    I exclusively nursed Piper for her first year of life, and then continued to nurse until weaning happened naturally at 20 months. If you have any questions or need help or tips or resources, let me know! We worked through a few issues to get to where we ended up, and I have a huge passion for supporting and educating women who want to breastfeed. :) If you have a local La Leche League chapter, I strongly recommend attending a meeting or two even before Fuji is born!

  3. Tiffany says:

    We also cloth and love it! Best Bottoms are our favorite be a use of the ease of changing and the versatility. We can add layers as needed or use something else with their excellent covers. We also have some pocket diapers that we like (bum genius). I make wet bags for when you’re out and about with your little fluffy bummed one. Would you be interested in having one?

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